1-REGISTRATION: Send your registration form completed, signed and accompanied by a deposit of € 750 per person. It is preferable to contact us beforehand to know the availability in a group of your level. No registration is recorded without payment of the deposit.
Any registration sent within 31 days of departure must be accompanied by full payment.

1.2-PAYMENT OF THE DEPOSIT: By check payable to “Association Safari 9V” or with one of the following bank cards: Visa, MasterCard.

1.3-BALANCE PAYMENT: The balance is due 31 days before departure.
-By credit card: No later than 31 days before departure, Safari 9V will charge your card the amount of the balance which appears on the payment details, except in the event of a dispute or in the event of withdrawal on your part, formulated in writing to Safari 9V before this deadline.
-By check: Your balance must reach the Safari 9V office no later than 31 days before the stay.

2-CANCELLATION AND MODIFICATION BY THE PARTICIPANT: Any modification or cancellation requested 90 days before the trip results in a fixed deduction of € 80 per person for administrative costs incurred.

-90 to 60 days before departure: 30% of the total price;
-From 60 to 32 days before departure: 60% of the total price;
-At 31 days or less or in the event of no-show: 100%.
-If the intermediate deductions do not cover certain organizational costs incurred and that a service provider would not reimburse, such as transport tickets, accommodation, miscellaneous share: the deduction would be increased by these costs. All cancellations must be made in writing, the date chosen being the date of receipt of your e-mail or post.

-Replacement: Send another person in your place on the same date. After notifying us, send a registration form filled in and signed by the replacement.
-Credit note: Benefit from a total credit of the amount paid, to be used for a trip the following year. In this case, no refund will be made. Following your agreement, you will receive a credit voucher that you can use yourself or offer to a person of your choice.

-Lack of participants: Safari 9V reserves the right to cancel a group, if there is not a minimum of 4 registrations 31 days before departure. In this case, if you do not agree to do an alternative trip during the same period or on another date, the trip will be fully refunded.
-Lack of snow: Safari 9V will try to offer another trip on the same dates (alternative program or change of region). If the participant does not accept, he can postpone the date or request reimbursement of the trip.

4-INTERRUPTED TRIP: Any week started and interrupted by a participant, for whatever reason, will not give rise to any reimbursement from the organizer. Only an individual insurance can guarantee you the partial reimbursement of your trip. Some premium bank cards, Mastercard Gold, Visa Premier etc, offer this guarantee. Check with your bank.

-Our accommodations were chosen for their strategic location and for their good mountain atmosphere. Luxury is not guaranteed. The organizers reserve the right to modify the program at any time in order to improve its quality or to better adapt it to the conditions.
-Our supervision is planned for an average of 6/7 skiers per guide, but on the spot, according to the real level of the participants, the guides can be brought to change groups distribution.

Mountain rescue insurance is mandatory. Check your rescue, repatriation and luggage contracts. MasterCard Gold or Visa Premier will partially cover you. We advise you to take out insurance that covers all activities or sports practiced, first aid, transportation to the nearest hospital and repatriation and reimbursement of the unused portion of the trip. We can insure you with Europe Assistance for our trips.

-Cancellation insurance is optional. The payment of a trip by a premium credit card such as Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold etc., can cover you. Otherwise you can take out a contract on your own. If you reside in France, we can have you insured.

By registering, all participants agree to accept the risks inherent in the practice of mountain sports. A guide, indeed, cannot be considered as an all-risk insurance. In all sports practiced in the mountains, man is confronted with an environment that he may know very deeply, but never totally master. The role of the guide or instructor is to avoid risks as much as possible, any participant who does not respect his instructions, will be entirely responsible for any accident he suffers or causes in this case and will not be able to turn against the supervision or the organizer.
As a general rule, the organizers and guides of Safari 9V are not responsible for any damage that may occur to participants during the stay, such as bodily injury, loss of objects, etc., except in case of malpractice. For all litigations, whatever the nationality of the participant and the place of the accident, the court of the registered office of the association “Safari 9V” will be only competent.

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