What type of skis do i need?

For a powder skiing trip, the 9V guides use and recommend backcountry skis from 95 mm to 120 mm wide,

Will we be ski touring?

A few years ago we introduced freerando into all our ski safaris… It was obvious that we were going to

What to pack?

TRAVEL BAG AND SKI BAG As we travel by plane, boat, car or minibus, space is often at a premium.

Will we be ski touring?

Yes, and that’s all we’ll be doing – there won’t be any ski lifts around!

Should i bring my avalanche transceiver?

If you have an avalanche transceiver, we advise you to bring it with you. If it’s an old model, it’s

What type of ski do i need?

For a ski touring trip, the 9V guides use and recommend 80 mm to 95 mm wide touring skis, depending

What is Ski Trekking?

This is what we call ski touring. For more information visit our ski touring page.

What types of insurance do I need?

MOUNTAIN RESCUE / EVACUATION / REPATRIATION INSURANCE This insurance is mandatory. A good contract covers mountain rescue, transport to the

How are the accommodations?

Our accommodations were chosen for their strategic location and for their good mountain atmosphere. Luxury is not guaranteed. We reserve

Should I come with an avalanche transceiver or avalanche beacon?

If you have your own personal avalanche transceiver, we recommend that you bring it along. If it’s an old model,