Ski touring

Ski touring has long been reserved for a small, initiated circle. The recent evolution of equipment now allows everyone to discover this practice allowing to go off the beaten track and explore wild regions.

Fans of first track and unspoiled nature will be overwhelmed by the unique moments they will experience thanks to ski touring.

We offer three types of
guided ski touring trips:

Itinerant ski touring trip: Between each stage of skiing, we travel by car from valley to valley in order to discover a massif, a region or sometimes even all that a country has to offer.

Ski tour: Itinerant tour on skis, from hut to hut, guaranteeing a total immersion in the high mountains.

Ski touring trip based on a boat: With a boat for refuge, but also as a means of transportation, we can explore on skis almost any isolated region of the world!

Ski touring
Come and discover on skis the legendary mountains of Alaska. The region is covered under titanic quantity of snow with an annual accumulation which comes close to 16 meters.

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Ski touring
Following the Mediterranean coast, the Taurus chain is one of the longest mountain ranges in the Middle East. In winter, this mineral chain, which rises abruptly from the fertile plains of Anatolia, is covered with an often abundant snow.

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Ski touring
The quintessential glacier ski touring adventure, this raid is famous all over the world. this raid is famous all over the world. We will partly take the original route of the first ski crossing made by Dr Payot and his guides in Chamonix from January 16 to 19, 1903.

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Ski touring
Huge fjords, glaciers that flow down to the sea, icebergs ... all the beauties of the Arctic are concentrated here, creating a breathtaking atmosphere. Do you dream of an unusual destination for ski touring? Greenland is the place to be.

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Ski touring
At a time of year when skis usually collect dust in the back of a closet, we invite you to discover the mountains and glaciers of Argentina's Patagonia on ski touring.

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Ski touring
To ski in Iceland, in front of the sea, between arid lands and wild fjords, the dream! Here we are far from the crowds. The unique atmosphere of the northern lands mixed with the maritime influence of the northwest coast gives skiing a remote and resolutely exotic character.

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Ski touring
Virgin territory surrounded by fjords where dolphins heckle with migrating birds, the Lyngen Alps and the islands in the north of Norway are pure spaces of calm and poetry where you ski with the azure sea for the horizon.

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Ski touring
Crossing the spectacular regions of Araucania and the Great Lakes over a distance of around 900 km, we come across a dozen volcanoes easily skiable from the summit. Super quality snow and memorable views reward skiers who rise to the challenge.

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Our groups

Group sizes vary from 3 to 7 people per guide depending on the following criteria:
-The nature of the terrain, glacial or not.
-The greater or lesser isolation that the destination presents.
-The presence of a reliable emergency service on site or not …

All participants must be equipped with the avalanche safety triptych, i.e. a avalanche transceiver, a shovel and a probe.

Ski touring equipment

Skis, telescopic poles with large washers, sealskins and good condition, knives for hard snow.

9V guides

They hold the UIAGM / IFMGA mountain guide diploma or the French ski instructor, they have many years of experience on skis and in the mountains. They know perfectly well the most beautiful descents and the secret passages of each classic destination in our catalog. They always choose the routes of ascent and descent according to the level of the group and the stability of the snowpack.

New destinations

9V guides love to discover new destinations with their groups. It is their profession as well as their passion to prepare a new itinerary.

Frenquently asked questions

Should I bring my personal skis ?

Yes, as long as they are adapted to the type of trip in which you are going to participate. For

Are we going to ski touring?

No! Well not really, but almost… Actually, it is quite possible that we do a bit of SIDECOUNTRY SKIING. It’s