off-piste skiing safety

safety is a priority

On the first day of each trip, your guide organizes theoretical instruction and training in the use of off-piste safety equipment. This safety equipment is made up of the famous beacon (avalanche victim search device), shovel, probe.

Each participant must be permanently equipped with the safety equipment throughout the trip.

We provide the safety triptych, beacon, shovel, probe free of charge to all participants who do not have personal equipment.

Afin de faciliter la transmission des consignes de sécurité au sein des groupes, nous fournissons des talkie-walkie aux participants (uniquement sur certaines destinations).

During all our trips, we practice skiing in an undeveloped natural environment.

We recommend that you wear a helmet suitable for skiing as well as any other type of protection that seems necessary.

Wearing a goggle is highly recommended because it effectively protects against branches when skiing in trees.

Information in good faith

Acceptance of risk

By registering, all participants agree to incur the risks inherent in skiing in the mountains. A guide or instructor cannot be considered as an all-risk insurance.

In all sports practiced in the mountains, man is confronted with an environment that he may know very deeply, but never totally master.

The role of the guide or instructor is to avoid risks as much as possible, any participant who does not respect the instructions, will be entirely responsible for an accident that he would suffer or that he would cause in this case and will not be able to turn against the guide or instructor nor the organizer.


When the transport is made with a rented vehicle in the country where the trip takes place, it is the guide who drives. We always rent our vehicles from international brands duly accredited by the local authorities and offering recent vehicles in good condition.

When transport is by taxi, a professional driver will be in charge of driving.

All 9V guides give top priority to safety. During your trip you will be trained to minimize the risks.

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