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Soft bags or hard cases, which is better for a ski trip?

Luggage tips for ski travelers

We advise you to travel with soft luggage. Below is our ultimate selection:

-a duffel bag with wheels.
-A soft ski bag without wheels.
-a ski boot bag.
-A technical backpack with a waist and chest belt that will be used for travel and skiing.

Soft luggage, a practical solution for ski safari trips and boat/ski trips

Indeed, soft luggage is easier to fit in the small spaces of minivans or double-cab pick-ups that we use to travel along our itinerant tours in the Alps, Canada, Japan, North and South America…
It is even more important to have soft luggage when you participate in a boat / ski trip in Norway or Greenland because as on all boats the space is counted and once the luggage is emptied it will be easier to store in the small closets provided in the cabins.

Air travel with skis in the airplane hold

When traveling by plane, sports luggage is either free or charged around 70 euros depending on the airline. This supplement includes two pieces, a ski bag that can hold up to 23 kilos (possibility of putting 2 pairs of skis in it) and a separate ski boot bag.

Tips about carry-on luggage for ski travelers

It is strongly advised to ask at check-in if it is possible to take your boot bag in the cabin and it is also advisable to fill your cabin backpack with a hat, a pair of goggles, a pair of gloves, a jacket, a pair of ski pants and a pair of socks… so that even if your luggage is delayed or lost, you are almost ready to go.
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